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Charcoal Grill under 200

How To Choose Charcoal Grills under $200 in 2019

Benefits of Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills are popular and widely used because many people believe that the taste of food prepared on the charcoal grill under is much better than the taste of food prepared on gas. Yes, the best cheap charcoal grill requires more effort and time to ignite, and there is a risk of getting your hands dirty, but the gas grill needs maintenance. Also, people prefer buying the charcoal grill because it is easier to clean than a gas grill. The best charcoal grill under 200 usually has fewer parts, and it is easier to remove the remnants of food from it.

The main thing you should also take into account is the difference in price. Thanks to a simple design, a charcoal grill will cost significantly less than a gas grill. The charcoal grill under 200 will exceed the gas grill, which is more expensive. Only grills, equipped with expensive burners, can be compared with the efficiency of coals. What is also important, with the charcoal grill under 200 it is more convenient to control the process of cooking as you can safely close the vent of the charcoal grill for cooking meat in a closed environment. Where to buy a cheap charcoal grill? Well, Amazon has a lot of fantastic offers daily; you need to choose the right model.

TOP 10 Cheap Charcoal Grills for Sale Compared and Reviewed

Most people are afraid of buying a cheap charcoal grill because they have doubts as to its quality. It’s high time to forget about all these concerns and make a purchase with confidence. Our detailed review of the cheap charcoal grills for sale will help you to choose the best affordable charcoal grill, which will keep your family together on summer days. Moreover, you will learn how to cook tasty dishes without spending a lot of money on a grill. Cheap charcoal barbecues sale may be very attractive!

Overall Score
38.5 x 22.5 x 27 in
12.2 x 21 x 14.5 in
16 x 16 x 21 in
20.5 x 21.5 x 25.3 in
42 x 24 x 29.5 in
Cooking Area
Not Specified
32.3 lbs
14.15 lbs
20 lbs
37 lbs
42.5 lbs
Heat Thermometer


  • Stylish design.
  • Unique One-Touch cleaning system.
  • Built-in thermometer.
  • Large cooking area.
  • Heat-protected handles.
  • Complicated user guide

Weber Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill is the most advanced barbecue grill in the line of models not equipped with a table. This model is an optimal variant for all grill fans as it is easy to handle and even easier in maintenance. Due to the large size of the boiler and the availability of the patented One-Touch system for temperature control, this best charcoal grill under 200 will be very helpful in a situation when guests came over sudden. It is distinguished by a high base, which is extremely convenient for tall people. The One-Touch cleaning system with steel lobes located at the bottom of the boiler cleans the device of ash and food parts very quickly. A special sealed chamber allows using this bbq on the terrace, balcony and even on a wooden floor. The handles protected by special thermo-reflectors do not heat up. The built-in thermometer makes it easy to control the cooking process of even the most complex dishes. So, it is the best among cheap Weber charcoal grills.


  • Compact size.
  • Easy in use.
  • Quick to light.
  • Perfectly holds the heat.
  • Lightweight.
  • Small grilling area

Weber Go-Anywhere is an ultra-compact model, the best choice for trips outdoors which can be put in the trunk of any car. To achieve a large working surface, this charcoal grill under $100 has an unusual design, allowing you to prepare by a direct and indirect method. The owner will have the opportunity to cook steaks, hamburgers, poultry, kebab, and fish and even smoke using special equipment. The design of this best cheap charcoal grill is developed taking into account even the smallest detail, for example, folding legs fix the lid during transportation. The temperature mode in the process of cooking is easily regulated by special ventilation openings with flaps. The case and cover of the model are covered with high-quality heat-resistant porcelain enamel and special chrome-plated coating.


  • Cool design.
  • The cheapest price.
  • Excellent flavor of dishes.
  • Easy in use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Compact size.
  • Specific design

This best charcoal grill under 200 is an ideal variant for people with a sense of humor as it resembles a trash can by design. At the same, its size is pretty compact, and it can be taken anywhere. Po’ Man charcoal grill has everything you may need including a large round grate and two skewers. The price is reasonable because it is not filled with numerous unnecessary and even silly features that just raise the cost of the device. All you need to make it work is charcoal and lighter fluid. Thanks to the design of this cheap coal bbq, the flavor of dishes turns to be unforgettable. In addition, it is developed of very durable materials.


  • Nice design.
  • Perfect comfortable handles.
  • Durable materials.
  • Reliable construction.
  • Even cooking.
  • Small Cooking surface

Char-Griller is a true leader in the US barbecue market, and its Akorn Kamado cheap charcoal barbecue deserves special attention. It is another best charcoal grill under 200, which is very reliable and easy in use. The design is truly unique and allows using the construction as a small smokehouse. The bbq made of steel has a durable double steel base. The grates made of iron can heat up really quickly and don’t need special maintenance. Moreover, cooking with Akorn Kamado grill is a great pleasure as it allows taking care of the cooking temperature inside thanks to the presence of special sensors. In addition, it can be called a fuel-saving, as it doesn’t need a lot of charcoal to cook your favorite dishes.


  • Durable materials of the construction.
  • Excellent cooking area.
  • Equipped with wheels.
  • Can be used for a big company.
  • Easy in use
  • Storage rack is not supposed

Weber Master-Touch is an interesting model of the best charcoal grill under 200, which will be able to create a gastronomic revolution and bring your country life to the next stage. The size of the grill is ideal as it can be used to cook for one person and even for any number of guests. Presence of interesting accessories, the thoughtfulness of the details is ideal. Additional accessories, the number of prepared dishes can be extended indefinitely, and the basic version itself allows mastering a wide variety of dishes. It is equipped with a porcelain-enameled bowl, which presents 365 of cooking area.


  • Rustproof design.
  • Portable.
  • Top-quality ventilation control.
  • Excellent cooking area.
  • Durable construction.
  • Easy to clean
  • Bad adjustment of the right temperature

If you are dreaming of being an expert of grilling, it’s high time to purchase the best charcoal grill under 100 developed by Party Griller. With its help, you will be able to cook juicy meat and tasty fish with the minimum of efforts. The grill is 32-inch long, and the skewers can be put at any side of it. It means that you are not obliged to use the whole cooking area when you don’t need it. The air flow is perfectly controlled by means of special air ventilation. The legs of the grill are foldable, so it becomes easy to store and to transfer in the car. In addition, this best cheap charcoal bbq is easy to clean.


  • Large cooking area.
  • Side shelf for storage.
  • Equipped with wheels.
  • Easy in use.
  • Durable construction.
  • Temperature sensor.
  • Thermometer is not inbuilt

Char-Griller Wrangler is great among affordable charcoal grills and is very popular among the bbq fans. Its body is developed of stainless steel, so the construction itself is even more than reliable. The durability of the device is guaranteed by a double steel base. Excellent cast iron grilles will help you to cook a lot of tasty dishes including steaks, kebabs, chicken, and fish. The cooking area of 435 is the largest and will fit to prepare food for a big company of friends. In addition, it may serve as an excellent smokehouse. The temperature sensor included will be also helpful. What is also important, the model under review equipped with a wheel for the easier transportation.


  • Durable construction.
  • Easy in use.
  • Heat-resistant handle.
  • Large cooking space.
  • 2 Convenient shelves.
  • Weather-resistant.
  • Is a bit heavy

Marsh Allen Charcoal Barrel Grill is another device with an excellent design developed by the company, which is famous for its cooking appliances. The materials used to make the grill are of the highest quality. It is steel construction with a corrosion-resistant grid that will be able to serve you for years. Moreover, this cheap charcoal barbecue can be used in any weather conditions. Specially designed wooden shelves are ideal for storing the ready dishes and those you are going to cook. The handles are also heat-resistant, so you shouldn’t be afraid of touching them in the process of grilling.


  • Portable design.
  • High-quality materials.
  • An excellent set of accessories.
  • Large cooking space.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Large skewers
  • Lid is not supposed

Miady foldable charcoal barbecue grill is another cheap device in our review. It will definitely meet all of your expectations due to numerous reasons. First of all, this charcoal grill lightweight and compact in size. Foldable legs allow storing this cheap coal barbecue anywhere especially in a special bag it comes with. The construction developed of stainless steel is absolutely rust-resistant. The size of the cooking area allows feed up to 10 people at the same time. Special attention is given to accessories, as there are a lot of them. The kit includes skewers, grill meshes, tongs, cool spice bottles, storage bag, and even a cleaning brush. The process of cleaning is as simple as cooking.


  • Lightweight.
  • Equipped with a fan to control the heat.
  • Tabletop device.
  • Easy to move.
  • Fuel-efficient.
  • Can’t work full-size without batteries

If you are fond of food prepared on the grill but don’t like to spend a lot of time on this, it’s a high time to open a tabletop NutriChef charcoal bbq device. This device is amazing because it is lightweight and is equipped with a special electric fan to make the process of grilling even more efficient. The fan is powered by batteries. This charcoal grill under 50 will definitely fit the interior of your kitchen as it looks very stylish. Moreover, it is fuel-saving, so you won’t need a lot of charcoal to prepare your tasty and juicy steaks.

Cheap Charcoal Grill Buying Guide – What to Look At?

A charcoal grill is a convenient device for making delicious dishes on the grill. But what are the key features that should be taken into consideration while choosing the best cheap charcoal grill?

Cooking Area

Think as for the size of the cheap charcoal bbq grills you need. If you are going to cook food only for the family, you may choose the one with a small cooking area. In case you are going to organize bbq parties for friends, the best cheap charcoal grill should have at least a medium or large cooking space.

Easy Lighting

Pay attention to the charcoal tank. The fire should be easy to ignite, so the ventilation should be also present. There is no need to spend a lot of time trying to light the grill.

Material of the Construction

Usually, the charcoal grill under 200 is developed of stainless steel or cast iron. Both materials are great as they can keep heat for a long time and don’t need special maintenance.


It is important to take into account the dimensions of the best cheap charcoal grill under 200 and its weight. The larger the charcoal grill, the more difficult it is to transport. If you are fond of picnics and parties somewhere in the park, choose the model that can be easily put into the trunk of the car. There are also models with the wheels for easier transportation.

Best Charcoal Grill under 200. Final Advice

Now it’s a high time to add more details about the charcoal grill under 200 present in our review. Without any doubts, the winner in this category is Weber Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill. This best charcoal grill under 200 has a lot of fans among people, who are fond of grilling. It definitely proves that cheap products may be even better than the ones that are more expensive. So, what are the main features of this charcoal grill under 200? First of all, it has a large size of the boiler and will help you to cook various delicious dishes for a large company of friends. The special patented One-Touch system is amazing as it allows to clean the grill without any problems and very quickly. In addition, this best charcoal grill under 200 equipped with a built-in thermometer to take care of the food inside the device. Moreover, this bbq can be used even on a terrace with a roof and wooden floor. So, if you are looking for the best cheap charcoal grill of the highest quality, the very first device you should consider is Weber Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill.