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How To Choose Chef Knives in 2019

No matter if you regularly cook or you do it as a hobby. Actually, most rookie cooks don’t understand the importance of using the chef knife until they use a regular one that doesn’t cut so well. In that moment, you learn to really appreciate the contribution of the chef knife to the final results. Since the internet and TV commercials are filled with different models all claiming they are offering the best chef knife in the world, we are going to help make the decision a little easier with some reviews of previously tested models and a thorough buying guide. After we examine all the facts, we are going to choose the knife to transform your kitchen into a place where art is created. Let’s check out the best chef knives.

Chef Knives FAQs

What Is a Chef Knife?

Also known as cook’s knife, the chef knife is usually 6 to 10 inches long with a wide blade that is primarily used for chopping as well as cutting meat or other ailments.

What Are the Best Brands of Chef Knives?

There are many different knives of high quality out there, however, the most popular manufacturers are Nazarov, Wusthof, and Mac.

What Is the Blade of a Chef Knife Made Of?

The most used alloy used in crafting good chef knives is carbon steel, stainless steel or ceramic.

Top Rated Chef Knives Compared and Reviewed


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Well-known manufacturer with tons of experience
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Some customers consider it to be an expensive knife, however, for the quality you get the price is more than deserved

If you are looking for the best chef knife to prepare an awesome barbeque or any other food for that matter, the Nazarov BBQ Chef Knife is a great option you have. Get ready to amaze everyone with your barbeque skills thanks to the amazing knife delivered by Nazarov. With a blade made of high carbon steel with a rating of 440C, it will carve through any type of meat without ever having to worry about rust or anything in that area. Everyone that has used this knife before knows that there is so much quality about it that you will have a hard time using a different one ever again. The way it makes cutting effortless and the way it feels in your hand are simply unmatchable.


  • Acrylic handle for better grip
  • Carbon-steel blade with a lifetime warranty
  • Great price for the quality
  • There are some buyers that would prefer the blade a bit longer, however, all leave positive reviews nonetheless.

Moving on to the next stop in our list of the chef knife models, we have another item from Nazarov. This time we are looking at a kitchen chef knife with a blade of 8 inches that is made of the same exceptional materials as the previous knife. The handle is a bit different on this one, making it easier to quickly chop, slice and cut meat, vegetables, and any other ingredients you use for a delicious meal. Backed-up by the same lifetime warranty offered by Nazarov, you can trust that this knife will offer amazing results for years in a row. There’s a good reason why 5-star chefs all around the world are using this brand and why it has won so many contests. The level of quality in each carbon steel chef knife is almost unbelievable and even though the price is a bit high compared to other knives out there, you won’t get this level of quality anywhere else.


  • Made in Germany
  • 14-degree cutting edge
  • Very comfortable handle
  • Some users said they would have preferred the knife to be more pointy, however, it’s still extremely useful

If until now we have presented the chef knife from Nazarov, it is time to move to one of the biggest competitors on the market, Wusthof. It has exceptional ratings online and with an 8-inch blade, it is versatile and ideal for mincing, dicing, and slicing. The German stainless steel is used to manufacture the blade that is tested through the latest laser technology for the best results. Equipped with double bolsters that confer a very nice balance, with a 14-degree cutting edge it is extremely easy to operate it even for longer periods without any wrist pain. Even when the handle is wet or slippery from the products you are cutting, you still hold perfect grip and you can finish your cooking with the best results possible. It won’t transform you into a master chef, but it sure gives you the same tool to match one.


  • The same high-quality materials from Wusthof
  • Attractive price for a premium knife
  • Ergonomic handle
  • A bit slippery when the handle is wet

Next stop on our top chef knives list, another Wusthof. This time we are dealing with a budget-friendly version, the Pro 8-inch Cook’s Knife. Just like the version presented above, it is made using the best possible materials. The only difference comes regarding the handle, made of poly. It is still exceptionally good, however, pro cooks consider this to be slower when it comes to chopping. No matter what your choice is between the two Wusthof top chef knives, you won’t be disappointed. Even though we are dealing with a cheaper variant of the professional Wusthof, the quality isn’t much lower and you can even consider it as a special gift that this big brand of German knives is making for those users that don’t feel comfortable spending so much on a knife


  • Made in Japan
  • Carbon-molybdenum-steel
  • Lightweight
  • The blade is considered too short by some cooks, however, the vast majority said it’s perfect the way it is.

Continuing our chef knife reviews, we have a MAC model, the MTH-80 with a 7.8-inch blade. Made in Japan, the blade is carbon-molybdenum-steel so you do not have to worry about rust or the blade not being sharp for a longer period of time. Pakka wood covers the handle and that means it is not compatible with dishwashers. It is capable of any task in the kitchen being sharp and light. There’s no need to go back to the history of Japan and the flawless way they always took care of all aspects of life. You should know that, just like a katana’s blade, a MAC knife will never give you a hard time when it comes to preparing your favorite dishes and looking like a star in front of your family.


  • Better balance thanks to the hollow edge
  • Good price for a premium knife
  • Pakka wood handle
  • Some say that the hollow blade actually doesn’t help the balance, however, that’s the way it goes with innovation, it takes some time until everyone embraces it.

When you are looking for chef knives for sale it is natural that you only want to get top chef knives and, in that case, you should take a close look at this hollow edge model from MAC. It provides the same high-quality steel for the blade and the Pakka wood is still present here as well. The main difference comes from the weight and a bolster implemented where the blade and handle meet. This means you get a better-balance knife that should allow you to move faster when preparing your favorite dishes. The quality of this recommended chef knife makes even a rookie cook look like a chef thanks to the ease with which you can chop, slice, dice and file any type of ingredients. Don’t get intimidated by the hollow blade, you will get to love this feature once you use the knife.


  • Budget chef's knife
  • Renowned brand
  • High-quality blade
  • Despite the high-quality blade, the retention is not as good as with other models

If you don’t want to spend too much money but you still want one of the top chef knives on the market, take a good look at the Victorinox model. All the chef knife reviews we have been through indicate that this model is somewhat comparable with the quality provided by Wusthof. The only inconvenience comes from the edge retention. Even so, we are talking about Swiss quality and the brand is world-renowned for their high-quality products. And don’t get us wrong, it’s not like Victorinox does not deliver a good knife, however, compared to the professional products presented so far, it’s simply not a fair race for them.

Types of Chef’s Knives

There are not a lot of different chef’s knives out there since that is the main particularity when it comes to classifying them. However, some sort of clarification can be made when it comes to the materials used to manufacture the blade. So, when you are looking at chef knives for sale, take this into consideration as well.


This is the most used alloy when it comes to building blades for top chef knives. There is a different amount of carbon in blades that make them more durable over time and better at blade retention, however, all carbon blades are known to be very reliable and light.


Ceramic blades are a newer approach that knife manufacturers embraced and it was a hit for a long period of time. It still is actually, however, due to the fact that it is a lot easier to break the blades or damage them, most people prefer the convenience that steel brings.

Other Alloys

While these blades are still made of steel, there are different metals that are combined with the highest quality stainless steel to give it different properties. One of the most common metals used to form an alloy with steel is molybdenum for its light weight and strength. Make sure to check the chef knife reviews for any mentions of alloys.

The Best Chef Knife – Final Advice

All right, we have seen all the chef knives on the market and the different types of blades you can choose from, the time has come to wrap things up and give you one final advice regarding the best chef knife on the market. As we already mentioned, you should not take into consideration your cooking skills when deciding on the chef knife since you can always learn new tricks, however, a reliable tool is always needed. Since all the options presented today are all chef knife examples, all that is left for you is to decide which one of the 7 you like best and what price do you consider it is worth. If you are having difficulties in choosing one model or the other, think about how often you will use it and if that really doesn’t answer your question, simply go with the Nazarov Knives BBQ Chef Knife as it is the most versatile option in our list and the quality of this tool cannot be denied even by its greatest adversaries.