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How To Choose Electric Smokers in 2019

Smoking food is quite a common practice in almost any part of the world. You will have to pick the best smoking method if you want to end up with the best food. Well, the trend of electric smokers has caught on as compared to some other methods right now and the best price on electric smokers is really sought after. People are now no longer using the traditional methods.

So, why do you need a good electric smoker? There are many benefits to an electric smoker are many as we will get to see. Well, they are really good when it comes to smoking your food that is for one. Another thing is that you can always use them as an upgrade. Using traditional methods for smoking always leads you to have black and charred meat. With the proper electric smoker, you should not have such problems.

You will always find that the electric models are also affordable. You will not have to spend a lot of money when it comes to owning one right now. With the convenience of the best electric smokers, you should find more reason to own right now.

Right now you might be thinking, ”why should I trust the reviews in this guide?” Well, trust is always important when it comes to reviews. We offer you the best buying guide information to help you with making up your mind, all because cooking with an electric smoker is amazing. We do proper research to make sure that the user can end up having the best information. We are not paid by the companies that make electric smokers to come up with the reviews. It is all based on user experience and more research. Plus, we prepared some of the best deals on electric smokers as well.

That being said, let us get to learn more about the electric smokers on the market right now. Let’s find Masterbuilt electric smoker reviews and more.

Using an Electric Smoker – FAQs

What is enough power for an electric smoker?

When it comes to power, you can get models varying in terms of their power. Some can have as low as 400 watts while others are up to 1500 watts of pure power. It all comes down to what you need. Pick a model depending on the power that you need.

What are some of the best electric smoker brands?

The top electric smoker brands include Masterbuilt, Bradley, Char-Broil, Cookshack, Smokin Tex, Old Smokey, and more. All the models mentioned in this guide come from top brands.

Is it possible to get affordable electric smokers?

Yes, it is always possible to buy an affordable electric smoker. You can take the time to compare various models before making the purchase.

Top 10 electric smokers compared and reviewed: everything you need to know

If you are looking to end up with the electric smoker, then you might want to consider checking out our reviews on the electric smokers. Below is a table with a summary of the features you can expect to get with the various models. Thereafter, you can go through the reviews to learn more about the overall functionalities of the various models. You might also find a product which works well as an electric pellet smoker. So, what’s the top electric smoker? Let’s find out.

Overall Score
Cooking Capacity
730 sq inches
504 sq inches
520 sq inches
725 sq inches
730 sq inches
800 watts
1500 watts
500 watts
1500 watts
1400 watts
Powder coated steel
Porcelain coated wood
Stainless steel


  • Ease of assembly
  • Impressive cooking space
  • Built-in thermometer
  • The wood chip tray is small

Since it comes from Masterbuilt, we always expect it to deliver on some good performance and be a good electric smoker. That is the case as the model is made to deliver on some quality performance thanks to the best features. Having a strong construction makes it good for the job. This Masterbuilt 30-inch electric smoker is able to live up to your expectations for a durable model on the market.

Another thing you will like about the model should be the size. It is able to give you more cooking space that you need. This is because it is able to smoke up to 80 pounds of food simultaneously. It is definitely one of the greatest electric smokers to buy right now. This Masterbuilt electric smoker is definitely worth the money and we do hope this Masterbuilt 30’’ electric smoker reviews is helpful to you.


  • Affordable model
  • Ample cooking space
  • Double-wall construction
  • Cleaning can be tricky

This is another fine electric smoker on the market thanks to being fully loaded. The model is generally good in terms of construction and enamel finish. The enamel finish makes the smoker to maintain its color for long as compared to some models. At 20 inches in width, you find it having ample space for you to prepare your good.

The lower price of the smoker also comes out as the best thing for you to enjoy. As a result, you will not have to invest a lot to enjoy using the model. Having the double-wall construction makes it easier for the model to maintain the temperature. If you want performance, then get this Char-Broil electric smoker.


  • Stainless steel interior
  • Multiple racks
  • Impressive temperature control
  • Some feel it is expensive for its features

This is seen as an electric smoker for hands-free operation. As a result, you will have an easier time operating it as compared to some other models on the market. Generally, you will get the model being consistent in delivering the even temperature and also having an automatic wood feeder system. This is what you can always expect with the Bradley electric smoker.

The model is also seen to be good when it comes to having different modes. It comes with the options such as heat with smoke, heat without smoke, and smoke without heat, and it’s definitely not a mini electric smoker. The model would thus be really good when it comes to handling different cooking needs. The cabinet is also fully insulated to deliver good heating performance, this is why it made it into our top 10 electric smokers. You can always get it being among electric smokers for sale.


  • Beautiful exterior design
  • Large cooking space
  • Impressive digital controls
  • Draws a lot of electricity

To be among our electric smoker reviews, the model had to be good in terms of features. This model is really good when it comes to having many features. It is the features that make the smoker versatile for various applications. We also need to mention in our Char Broil digital electric smoker reviews that the model is able to deliver on better heating performance as compared to some models. With its advanced control panel, you can always control the various features of the smoker.

What is amazing is how the model delivers on a cooking space of 725 square inches. This is good considering that it has a small footprint. With enough cooking space, you will always have an easy time preparing more food at once. The model also comes with multiple cooking modes that make it good to use. It is definitely the best digital electric smoker.


  • It is affordable
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Powerful model
  • Hard to maintain its temperature

This is definitely another best electric smoker that you can buy right now. Since it comes from a trusted brand, we can always expect that it will be great. The model is known for being lightweight as compared to some other models on the market. This definitely makes it good in terms of portability. You should have a good time when it comes to owning it right now.

The compact nature might eat into the cooking space, but it still offers enough space for you to cook. The model still features some of the best technology when it comes to heating. You should find it being good on overall when it comes to owning it today. Since it is made of steel, you can be sure it will be a durable model. it is definitely one of the best electric meat smokers. Since it is portable, you can even use it as an indoor electric smoker.


  • Great digital controls
  • Automatic wood feeder
  • Fully insulated
  • Lacks inbuilt meat thermometer

This is one of the best digital electric smokers that you can get right now. The model is good to make sure that it can always deliver on ease of controlling. With the digital controls, you get that the model is able to deliver on precise temperature control, and cooking. It could have been good to have a remote as it would offer it a hands free performance.

The model on overall is good in terms of quality performance as compared to some other products, even if it’s not a Bluetooth electric smoker. It does come with enough cooking space that should make it good to use right now. You will always have a great time owning it right now. Thanks to its features it is also among top rated electric smokers.


  • Affordable
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Ease of use
  • Remote needs replacing the batteries more often

Based on many electric smoker reviews, we get that the model is affordable. This makes it good for those people who are looking for an affordable model that is still able to deliver on quality products too. You will get that the model is good in terms of value as compared to some other units on the market. This is also one of the best commercial electric smokers on the market.

People also love the model for having consistent temperature and smoking performance. This always makes it better in terms of delivering quality smoking experience each time. If you need the best electric smoker 2019, then you might want to consider this one. It’s easy to find the best price on Masterbuilt electric smoker.


  • Durable model
  • Impressive cooking space
  • Good heating element
  • Hard to maintain temperature

Another best electric smoker on the market should be this one. It is a good model in terms of the size. It is able to cater for a large group of people. That being said, you will get that it is able to handle up to 22 pounds of meat. The model is also good in terms of durability. It will be able to live up to the needs of most users when it comes to durability.

Thanks to having wheels, the model is definitely easier to move around. You will like the way it offers portability. This is definitely one of the best small electric smokers on the market.


  • Fully insulated body
  • Patented wood chip loading system
  • Digital control panel
  • Some feel that it uses a lot of power

From the various electric smoker reviews, you get that the model is good in terms of performance always. Since it does come with some good digital control panel, you should find it being great in terms of performance. You can go ahead and enjoy using the model right now when it comes to using it on overall. You will not have to keep referring to the manual.

The model also comes with an impressive construction that makes it good in terms durability. The four chrome-coated smoking racks also make the model good for smoking your meat all the time. It should be able to deliver on quality performance. As a result of its features, you get the model being the among the best home electric smokers.

Types Of Electric smokers

Whether you read the best electric smoker reviews or not, there are many types out there and you should definitely know how to approach the buying process.


These types of smokers are relatively inexpensive. You get that they come with a water bowl or tray that is placed between the burning wood and the smoking chamber of where the food to be cooked. The water will evaporate along with the smoke. This helps to maintain a constant temperature, and the vapor to make sure there is flavor and taste to the meat.


These are the second type and are shaped like a small refrigerator. You will get that the unit will have a heating electric element in the base of the smoker. Depending on the model, you can get some having various modes of functionality.

If you love other types of BBQs, which are not electric, you can get some variety on the market.

Electric Meat Smokers Buying Guide – What to Look For?

1. Ease of Use

The first thing you have to look at is the ease of use. The smoker should generally have easy to use controls and other features. It will also be great if the smoker is easy to clean.

2. Safety

You will definitely want to get yourself a model that is safe to use. The model generally should be able to remain safe in the kitchen environment. The best part about electric smokers is that they do not have open flames. This makes them good for safety.

3. Cost

You will definitely have to look at the safety options. Picking a model within your budget is always good. This means you end up having an easy time picking the best model for the money too. It is always possible to get an affordable model on the market.

4. Construction

You have to look at the construction of the model so that you can end up with a durable model. Always make sure that the model you pick can deliver on quality construction. Picking from top brands often assure you of a good performance model.

Best Electric Smoker. Final Advice

When you own an electric smoker, you will always have a good time using preparing your food. Keeping in mind that electric smoking does not lead to meat charring, it should be a nice option. There is no doubt that the model you pick will offer more convenience as compared to the traditional models on the market.

Always make sure that you look at the brand when you are looking to buy the best model. This is crucial to make sure that you can end up with a model that works great. Other things to keep in mind should be the power, convenience, ease of use, ease of cleaning, and the price.

We get to see that the Masterbuilt 40-Inch Smoker is the best model on overall. This is because the model comes with an affordable price and delivers on the best performance also. As a result, you will always get the model being good value for the money. The model will be even better than other expensive models on the market. If you are not sure which one to choose, then you can always consider this one.