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How To Choose Kamado Grills in 2019

The ancient Kamado grill in Asian style is a device with thick walls, which gives meat, fish and vegetables a rich smoked taste. Over the centuries technology remains practically unchanged: air passes through the ceramic grill body and comes out of the lid with holes. Coal comes to life in the form of smoke and heat. Kamado Joe proudly continues these traditions, updating the classic grill with unrivaled craftsmanship, innovative accessories and a large selection of comfortable cooking surfaces.

Top Rated Kamado Krills Reviews & Comparison

Below is a review of the best grill brands that will definitely help to choose the right product up to the requirements of your family. Each of them has its own specific features that should be taken into consideration.

So, what is the best charcoal grill on the market? This time the choice will be easier with a comparative chart below:


  • The cooking style of this the best smoker is based from cooking methods in the past that make use of large clay ovens for insulation.
  • Char-Griller for its part makes use of cutting-edge technology to develop more durable, convenient, lightweight, and affordable ceramics than the traditional ceramic Kamados.
  • Grill-and-smoker-in-one can cook various foods like burgers, fish and pizza.
  • Offers excellent temperature control options.
  • Perfect cooking area.
  • High price on accessories. In case if you need to buy some extras for the grill, be ready that they will cost a bit more than the egg itself.

The Char-Griller 16620 Akorn Kamado Kooker Charcoal Barbecue Grill and Smoker is primarily designed for the Kamado style of cooking food. It is included into TOP 7 due to several reasons.


  • Grill-Kamado from Char-Broil on the quality of cooking is not inferior to expensive ceramic kamado grills.
  • The heat-resistant steel structure with double walls heats quickly and evenly and keeps the heat inside as efficiently as possible.
  • Convenient and innovative temperature controls allow you to prepare food at any temperature in a red egg smoker. You can quickly cook at high temperature, and you can long smoke or bake food at minimum temperature.
  • A comfortable design.
  • Low price
  • Thick walls of the construction take more time to heat the grill. At the same time it is not a minus, as always possible to get ready for the party in advance.

The unique Char-Broil Kamander charcoal grill is included into the list of top rated grills and will help to cook incredibly juicy foods.


  • Its iconic grill features one inch thick ceramic walls, which allow for better heat retention and even circulation.
  • The Stainless Steel Dual-Action Top Vent allows for faster starting, searing, and heat adjustment.
  • It is equipped with a Bi-Level Cooking Grate, easy to read Stainless Steel thermometer, and Commercial-Grade hardware, you will love cooking in the outdoors with your Kamado Grill.
  • Offers in-built smoker.
  • Is not easy to use without a table.

Whether you want to grill up a steak, sear the perfect ahi tuna, or smoke some meat, the Duluth Forge Kamado Grill is the best barbeque grill product for all your outdoor cooking needs.


  • The triple wall steel construction with insulation delivers a superior grilling experience by giving you the ability to grill for longer with less charcoal.
  • Easy dump ash pan makes clean up quick and easy.
  • The hinged lid allows for easy access to the coals and keeps the lid in place while you cook.
  • The Akorn Kamado Jr. Kooker offers easy mobility and is great for tailgating, camping, the Park or backyard barbecuing.
  • Extremely low price.
  • logo printed
  • The size of the grill is very small. It will fit only the needs of a small family.

The Char Griller Akorn review proves that charcoal grill features dual dampers, convenient heat gauge, and cast iron cooking grates to keep flare-ups low.


  • It consists of three sections: the base with coal and the lower vent for temperature adjustment; middle section with a large capacity for water and two grids, located at different levels; cover with a built-in thermometer and a top vent for temperature adjustment.
  • The large grill diameter and the hemisphere cover will allow to cook on the top level a really huge piece of meat or whole turkey, and at the same time smoke the meat or other dish on the grill of the lower level.
  • A capacious water tank (and steam formed from it) will protect the meat that you smoke from drying out and make it more juicy and tender.
  • The quality standards of the company Weber and materials of manufacture, guarantee you that this Weber ceramic grill will serve you more than a dozen years.
  • size
  • Lack of side handles. Hands are not protected of high temperature.

Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker is a unique grill smokehouse on the coals! This is one of the best charcoal grills for smoking . People choose it due to various factors.


  • It contains one of the most important innovations is certainly the mechanism of lifting the lid.
  • Previously, in all models of ceramic grills there was a risk of breaking the lid when closing. This advantage will not only save on the purchase of broken parts, but also will make it more comfortable to use the grill.
  • Contains an automatic snap mechanism when the lid is closed. On the one hand this will allow the lid to sit more tightly, and on the other hand it will not create problems with the opening due to the simple locking mechanism of the lock in this ceramic egg grill.
  • Firebox consists of multiple pieces.
  • Is sold with a set of accessories.
  • Price is definitely high. Of course, if to take into consideration all the accessories on board, it may be even more than respectful.

Kamado Joe Classic II is considered to be a novelty in the world of egg-shaped grill industry. It is already called the best of its kind and it has left all the competitors far behind.

BROIL KING 911470 KEG 5000

  • It has a system of double walls that allows to accumulate heat inside the frying chamber, distributing it evenly and for a long time inside, enveloping the products from all sides evenly. Vision grills reviews prove that after cooking the barbecue dishes, you enjoy each product, feeling its juiciness and aroma.
  • Professional preparation of barbecue products is easily achieved.
  • An accurate high-quality thermometer for controlling the temperature inside the frying chamber, and ventilation holes, will allow to get the most optimal temperature for cooking.
  • The fry grill also participates in the uniform distribution of heat across the product. Users will easily achieve the desired result, as the functionality of the grill is executed at height.
  • The grill workspace of this ceramic cooker expands, due to the side tables, which can be folded conveniently when storing or transporting the grill. Get excellent dishes using the high-quality Kamado style grill from the company Broil king.
  • It requires practice in order to maintain a perfect smoking temperature.

High-quality coal grill Keg 5000 Broil king 911470, has a lot of advantages among other grills in this section.

What is a kamado grill?

Kamado grill is adapted for convenient cooking right in the open air. People from various countries do not imagine their vacation in the countryside without kebabs. It can be cooked both in the barbecue and with the use of a special ceramic oven known as the tandoor. The preparation of meat in Kamado has a number of advantages over the preparation of kebab in the ordinary barbecue. The big green egg is a great opportunity to diversify the process of cooking meat and, of course, it’s great to surprise your loved ones both with an unusual cooking item and with a special taste of the food prepared in Kamado.

How does kamado grill work?

Cooking with the help of Kamado is indescribably easy. The learning process will take a few hours. The grill is very easy to prepare for work, just kindle coal and after 15-20 minutes it will be ready to accept the products. In general, it is more economical in terms of coal consumption than metal grills and barbecues.

Many dishes that are served in restaurants of America and Europe cannot be cooked without Kamado grill. That is why they are in high demand among professionals. Only high-quality, thick-walled ceramics allows achieving a unique taste.

In addition, Kamado has many accessories that can be purchased separately from a big green egg grill. They significantly expand the configuration of the work area. The basis of Kamado’s work is convection. The air is fed to the grill through the lower ventilation window and heated by charcoal. Since the grill is ceramic, and not made of metal, the heat persists much longer and the food remains as juicy as possible with the help of smokers charcoal grills.

Kamado grill can be used in a variety of ways to prepare different dishes: fry at high temperatures, stew, smoke, cook pilaf, sauces, bake large chunks of meat, pig, or birds, fry in a cast-iron frying pan, bake pizza, make pastries, and much more. In fact, the list is almost endless.

Moreover, a grill and smokers are very unpretentious in care – once in 12 months it is necessary to tighten the metal rings. The most important thing is that it is self-cleaning and needs to be simply heated to a high temperature and the rests of food on the walls will burn and disappear.

The temperature inside is easily and precisely controlled by means of a built-in thermometer. Also as an accessory is an electronic remote thermometer that can signal the temperature has reached both inside the grill and inside the dish!

Basic equipment of Kamado grill and ceramic smoker contains the iron grate, internal additional ceramic bowl for creating the thermos effect, enameled stainless steel grill, cast iron grill on the cover for adjusting the temperature inside. Any additional accessories can be purchased separately.

Types and special features: oval-shaped kamados vs round kamados

Before to buy a coal grill for, it is highly recommended to decide on the brand and the desired form. The shape of the grill can be different. The most popular grills are oval or round. They are considered to be more compact and economical in terms of coal consumption.

As for the oval grills, this shape makes it possible to use the working surface of the grill rationally: each piece of the working space is easily accessible during cooking, which is very important for laying and turning over the ingredients. Also, this form allows simultaneously to prepare by a direct and indirect method, to use it as a grill and as the oven.

Advantages of grilling on charcoal with kamado grill

The coal grill, as it is clear from the name, heats up and functions like an ordinary barbecue – thanks to hot coals that give heat. But on this similarity ends, unlike the brazier, the device has a lid that drastically changes its characteristics. So, for example, a charcoal grill allows:

  1. to cook in any weather;
  2. to use the device as an oven, tandoor;
  3. smoke products;
  4. keep heat for hours and save coal;
  5. quickly fry any dish, reducing the usual cooking time by 2-3 times.

If to talk about grills, there are other types of it – electric and gas. Why is it better to choose coal? Unlike the electric “fellow”, it does not require a connection to the power network, and therefore can be used anywhere. As for the gas analog, the coal grill is much more compact, since it does not need fuel cylinders.

The best gas grills are convenient in preparation: only a few minutes and the device is completely ready to fry any dishes, the coal also requires firing and heating for 20-25 minutes. But this does not frighten away lovers of traditional grilling on charcoal, because its main advantage is the unique taste of food cooked on open fire. Of course, cleaning the charcoal grill is somewhat more complicated than other types, but you will not feel this disadvantage if you choose a quality device – for example, a ceramic one, in which food remains not burnt. The use of Komodo grill special coal eliminates ash problems altogether, as it burns almost completely without contaminating the appliance.

What to consider About kamado grills

There is no universal recipe for an ideal coal grill – it is important to choose what is right for you. But what is worth paying attention to and with what parameters you need to decide in order to buy a grill for frying on coals?


While choosing the right grill, it is important to take into consideration the price. Prices for coal grills vary significantly and depend directly on the quality, size, and functionality of the device.

The most inexpensive and short-lived are fine-gauge devices. The cost of them will not be extremely high, but it will not last long. The main problem of budgetary models is the low strength of the material, the complexity of cleaning, poor regulation of air penetration, frequent flashes of coal, because of which the dishes can be spoiled. In the middle price segment, the choice of quality devices is much wider – small and medium-sized devices with a persistent non-stick coating. Although they are not ideal like Weber egg grill, it is possible to get a convenient functional device that will delight you and your family with delicious dishes for many years. The best devices are classified as premium. Coal grills from ceramics are in the lead, large and small, for any occasion – organizing a banquet at a suburban cafe or a cozy romantic dinner for two.

Construction Material

The best egg-shaped smoker is, without options, a ceramic grill made from ceramic. According to the principle of action, they are similar to conventional metal, but the material (ceramics) from which they are made makes the taste of products prepared in ceramic grills incomparable. Pottery helps to preserve juice, the freshness of products and excludes over-drying during cooking.

Ceramic grills are used by the best restaurants and enthusiasts of professional grilling around the world.


If to talk about the dimensions of a coal grill based on ceramic cooker reviews, then they are very different. Therefore, this factor is taken into account, based on the needs:

For medium-sized businesses or constant gatherings in a large circle of friends fit large grills.

For companies of 4-6 people with a relatively intensive load, it will be appropriate to buy medium-sized structures.

For romantic or small children’s feasts it is better to choose small grills.

Regarding the form. There are three most common options: rectangular, round and oval. The first one heats up for a long time and quickly loses its temperature. Therefore, modern grills are rarely made in this form. But rounded and oval are not only more convenient to use, but also excel at keeping heat.

Build Quality

Build quality of Kamado grills is rather important. The work of the stove is based on the principle of uniform temperature distribution inside the chamber – the heat comes from the source of fire and ceramic walls. The temperature is regulated by dampers, stably held by the hermetically sealed lid and controlled by a regular thermometer.

Top 10 ceramic grills work up to 8 hours from one coal charge. It heats up to 250 degrees in just 15 minutes. A medium-sized steak is cooked in it to a medium in just 10 minutes, and a thin one in 5-7 minutes. In large models, it is possible to cook up to 16 steaks or up to 10 chickens at the same time. Such productivity fully covers the needs of a large company to 20 or more people.


Leading manufacturers of grills usually provide a lifetime warranty on their products. The store-seller usually adds his warranty period – from one to three years, during which he undertakes to perform a free repair or replacement of the grill, which failed due to the fault of the owner.

Cooking Surfaces

If you are interested in buying a Japanese smoker grill for many years, it is better to choose well-equipped models. Well, if the grill is made of ceramic – food will not burn and stick. And fine, if the model you choose is equipped with wheels for easy transportation.

As for the grids, they are usually made of stainless steel. By the way, it is recommended to purchase grills, working on coals, with adjustable height for the grate. Thus, it is possible to set it to a different level and thereby change the temperature regime depending on the specific cooking requirements.


It is not necessary to refuse accessories, some of them are required. For example, wheels for convenient and safe transportation. The spit will allow a bird or a piglet to be cooked entirely. Protective covers are necessary for grills, which will be constantly on the street. In addition, there are many accessories used during cooking. Blades, gratings, gloves – all this is necessary for a comfortable and safe cooking. It is not necessary to buy everything, but without some accessories, it will be impossible to cook this or that dish.

Why a kamado grill?

Spending time with family in nature is a tradition for the inhabitants of big cities. Where else, if not in nature, you can relax, reinforce the health of fresh air and pamper yourself with the culinary delights of the park cuisine. For this, it is always great to take a faithful helper – Kamado grill. At the top of all mobile models is a ceramic grill. This device operates on coal fuel but has a 3 times lower consumption. Allows to prepare a long list of different dishes of any complexity and has a nice design.

How to Use a Kamado Grill

For direct grilling (for example, in the preparation of steaks, burgers or chops) all coal in the grill should properly flare up. Open the ash-pit from below and lift the dome. Preheat the grill to 200 – 270 C. Put the steak on the grate and hold it for 2 minutes on each side (turning it 90 degrees every minute), then lower the canopy. The juice of the steak will drip onto the coals and evaporate, sending a fragrant aroma back and saturating the steak. When the dome of the grill is closed, all aroma and juice remain inside, and the cooking process is substantially accelerated. It will take about 7 minutes.

For indirect grilling and smoking on the largest bbq grill, it is needed to install a ceramic heat cutter with the legs up. It will block the infrared radiation from direct fire and you can cook directly the heat generated inside the ceramic walls of the Kamado oven.

For slow smoking, use the usual amount of coal. Add 2 handfuls of chips for smoking. Do not forget to pre-moisten the chips a little. The fire spreads slowly over the entire surface, providing enough heat for a period of about 16 to 18 hours at the originally set amount of coal.

To give a more intense flavor, add 3 pieces of pecan napkin over unburnt coals.

How to Light Kamado Grill

In order to light Kamado grill, it is necessary to load enough coal into the barbecue grill (about 2 kg). Use for ignition only special briquettes or electric ignition. It is not allowed to use a liquid for ignition! Coal is one of the best absorbents, and therefore, any chemistry that you pour on for barbecue will be throughout the cycle of using coal, evaporate into your dishes.

After you have ignited the coal, open the ash-pit and the dome of the Kamado grill for 7 – 10 minutes. Then close until the grill has warmed to the required temperature. It will take about 15 – 20 minutes (in winter a little longer).

For example, Primo oval xl review says that before putting food in a hot Komado-Oven, it is necessary to lift the dome several times a couple of centimeters. This will release a certain amount of heat and slightly reduce the temperature of the red-hot grill, so as not to get burned. If you, during the ignition process, leave the Kamado oven unattended, when opening the dome, first open the dome 5-7 centimeters, this will relieve the heat and protect yourself from the ignition of oxygen, which will actively enter the grill.

How to Clean Kamado Grill

Like any other cooking tool, the grill should be clean, because the products on the dirty grill will burn, and the ash deposits will not add flavor to the dish. Therefore, choose models that are easy to clean. Ceramic Kamado grill is out of the competition, only the grate and dishes need cleaning. Some manufacturers offer special cleaning products – eco-friendly and non-damaging surfaces to simplify the process of cleaning.

Which kamado grill is best? Our advise

Based on the review, it is possible to admit that Duluth Forge Ceramic Charcoal Kamado Grill and Smoker is the best one. It has a lot of benefits among other Kamado grills that were analyzed. In terms of budget, the price is not that low, but still, it is affordable for everyone who’d like to be the owner of a top-quality product. Moreover, it has an oval shape and can be set up also for two-zone cooking.

Duluth Forge Ceramic Charcoal Kamado Grill can be used in winter, as it is ceramic, has thick walls and so keeps a temperature for a long time. The medium size of the construction is good enough for a small company of friends. It allows preparing several tasty products at the same time.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a removable ashtray, but it’s not that serious problem. A table for the grill might be another useful addition, so it is not a big deal if you don’t want to buy it now.