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How To Choose Oil Less Turkey Fryers in 2019

Oil-free fryer is one of the best alternative methods to cook a turkey. They combine features and parts of traditional fryers, ovens, and turn into something new and not less exciting. All the best oil-free turkey fryers are portable and allow cooking your bird in the best way.

This kind of fryer appeared relatively recently. Another name for this household appliance is an air fryer. A basket for food is the only common thing that it has with more familiar models. An air fryer doesn’t have a capacity for oil at all.

Products are prepared by the heat that circulates inside the device. This means that the minimum amount of fat is used while cooking. The hot air of the device is responsible for the whole process.

So, it appears that the best oil-less turkey fryer is an excellent way to prepare a healthy and tasty turkey. When it is not fried in oil, it appears to be moist in the end. Moreover, the dish is tender and even juicier.

So, what is the difference between the standard fryer and its oil-free version? The last one has a form of a large, wide and tall pot. Usually, it is enough to prepare a big turkey. The meat is put into an empty basket. In a usual and traditional variant of the fryer, the turkey should be put into boiling oil.

Each type of oil-free fryers has a source of the heat and, in various models, it is different. Some of them are working on propane and others by means of electricity. The fryer fries the bird heating it. The result is better than expected because the meat is juicy taste and, what is most important, it is healthy. Droplets from the bird that are left at the bottom of the fryer can be used to prepare additional sauces.

Turkey Fryer FAQ

When can I use an oil-free fryer?

It is possible to use your device during the whole year outside if the manufacturer doesn’t say the opposite. Make sure you’ve read a user-guide and recommendations.

Can I use my fryer indoors?

If you have a turkey fryer, you are welcome to use it inside the house. With gas-powered devices, the situation is the opposite as in terms of safety they can be used only outside.

How it cooks a turkey?

First of all, it doesn’t fry a turkey in the usual way. With the help of the hot air, the fryer cooks an alternative. The extremely high temperature inside the pot helps to add a crunch. In this way, the meat of your turkey is healthy and juicy at the same time.

How to clean the fryer

The process of cleaning turkey fryer after using it is pretty simple. There are devices which consist of parts that can be used in a dishwasher. If you use a special spray before cooking, the meat won’t stick to the pan, and the cleaning will be even easier. Moreover, with an oil-free fryer, you won’t have a lot of fat at the bottom.

Comprehensive Reviews of Best Turkey Fryers


  • Electric Fryer: It’s an electric turkey fryer and roaster of the new generation and is one of the most convenient devices that don’t require buying propane.
  • Absolutely Radiant Heat: This oil-less turkey fryer is constructed with double walls and is using the radiant heat to prepare the turkey. The radiant heat seals outside of turkey and helps to keep the moisture.
  • The lid made from Tempered Glass: Gives a chance to control the process of cooking without the need of opening the lid. It also helps to save the heat inside the fryer.
  • Chip box: A smokehouse flavor is obtained thanks to the internal chip smoker located inside.

The Masterbuilt Butterball Oil-Free Electric Turkey Fryer and Roaster is a perfect electric device that helps to cook various types of food except for the turkey. It is also one of the greatest oil-less turkey fryers and is very easy to clean as the drip pan can be removed without any problems. The lid made of tempered glass is very helpful when you need to check the process of cooking. The heat will never be lost. Butterball oil less turkey fryer was designed to cook healthy food in the easiest way. As it is electric, there is no need to buy additional propane tanks. This will help to save your time and money.


  • Infrared frying technology: TRU infrared technology is invented for unrivaled results. It helps to cook healthy and juicy meat unlike traditional cooking in the oven.
  • Cooking Opportunities: Well, this oil-less turkey fryer is able to cook a lot of food except the turkey. If you are fond of meat with bones, it is possible to make them very tender and with a tasty and crunchy crust.
  • User-friendly: With only two buttons it can be easily used by everyone. There is nothing difficult to make the fryer work.

The Char-Broil Turkey Fryer is definitely the top oil less turkey fryer. It allows cooking any type of meat, and it will be tasty as if prepared by a famous chef. Heat comes through the wall of the device that is inside. The moisture of the food is absolutely maintained. Air doesn’t get inside, and the taste is great. What has included: a cooking basket with lifter, a meat thermometer, lid and user guide. Also, there is a cover that protects the fryer from various damages and external dust. Additionally, the manufacturer offers extra accessories to buy. If you choose the additional basket or stackable oven, you will be able to cook at least two dishes simultaneously in your turkey fryer.


  • Fan frying technology: The Airfryer100R is also a good turkey fryer, which allows dripping the oil and fats outside the basket. It is collected, and with the help of the fans, it coats the meat that is in the process of cooking.
  • Shutts off automatically: This feature is useful in terms of safety. It means that you can start cooking your food, set up timer and when the time you set is passed, the air fryer notifies you and turns off.
  • Book of recipes: Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer 100R is definitely a perfect device, but in order to learn how to cook perfect extraordinary dishes with its help, there is a recipe book with lots of ideas how to prepare meat and even tasty desserts.

Easy to Clean: Some parts of this greaseless turkey fryer can be used in a dishwasher.

Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer 100R is ready to help you every time when you need to make delicious and tasty dishes. To sum it up, this turkey fryer differs from those reviewed above. It has a special fan for fat that lifts it and oils and makes turkey crunchy. If you don’t want to cook without oils, you can add some, and the dish will remain healthier than if you prepare it in the oven or using a regular grill.


  • Air Circulating Technology: This oil less turkey fryer allows easy cooking without oils with the help of the hot air.
  • Not Limited for Turkey: The Simple Chef Air Fryer is an ideal device to prepare multiple healthy dishes except turkey and chicken: fries, steaks, burgers, cakes and even more.
  • Perfect Design: It’s a real state of art produced of 100% BPA-free plastic. Moreover, it is very easy in use. Less oil will help to cook a delicious crispy turkey.
  • 30-Day Guarantee: In case if you are not happy with this turkey fryer, you’ll get your money back.
  • Extra Features: Basket can be easily used in a dishwasher, the timer that can be set up for 30 minutes, is absolutely protected from overheat.

With this oil free turkey fryer, you will be able to cook faster than ever, and all the products it helps to prepare will be even more delicious. You no longer need to calculate the calories, as the fast is almost excluded from the final product. Thanks to its excellent design, it can be used for the whole year and is easy to store. The same is the product from Avalon; this Simple Chef fryer can accept oils in a small amount if you want. But it is possible to avoid adding oils, and the dishes won’t lose from it.


  • Infrared Cooking: A removable grille with patented TRU-Infrared ™ technology turns Big Easy into a very efficient infrared gas grill. The advantages of this grill: your dishes will be evenly fried, ready quickly and will remain juicy.
  • Smoker, Roaster, and Grill: This compact device with great possibilities represents a universal grill-smokehouse.
  • Extras: Contains insulated heat-saving smoking chamber with a multi-level basket, has a very simple circular ignition system, thermo-insulated handles, convenient side compartment for chips, hooks for ribs, internal thermometer, removable basket for frying.

Bake or smoke the turkey, cook steaks and vegetables – all this can be done simultaneously thanks to Big Easy turkey fryer. This unique smokehouse oven allows you to cook several dishes in different ways at the same time! A convenient smoking chamber and a removable grille are equipped with TRU infrared technology for an unrivaled result. This fantastic turkey fryer and grill is easy to use and does not take up much space. So, give yourself this Char-Broil turkey fryer, and it will be your faithful friend for a long time in your country house!

Various Types of Best Turkey Fryers

Before you purchase the first greaseless turkey fryer that suits you, it’s important to know that there are several different types of them. Knowing these types, as well as your needs, it will be easier for you to make the right choice. Let’s take a look at the different types of fryers, their features and why they may or may not fit your needs.

Infrared Fryers

Turkey fryers with infrared burners are one of the types of gas fryers. They resemble a kind of sieve because they consist of ceramic nozzles or a metal mesh with many tiny holes. A fan of turkey fryer pushes a mixture of gas and air through them, which then burns at temperatures above 800 ° C. At this temperature, the oil warms up much faster than traditional gas fryers, so cooking takes less time, and the recovery time for the hot oil state remains minimal. Energy efficiency in infrared models is higher if to compare to gas and electric fryers. But, still, you’ll need propane to make such fryer work.

Electric Turkey Fryer

An electric greaseless turkey fryer is one of the most widely used today. There are many different types of electric fryers, each of which has its own set of properties and characteristics. Outside these fryers remain cold, so they do not pose a danger. They easily stand on the counter or anywhere in your choice for as long as you need. There is nothing to worry about when it comes to location. Moreover, they do not need you to buy propane tanks.

Air Fryer

The principle of the air fryer of the following: the heater heats the air, which enters the flask through the lid with a number of holes, and the fan circulates it. Products that are in the process of cooking are evenly warmed from all sides. They do not require the use of oils and promise to prepare perfect and tender meat of your turkey.

How to Choose a Right Oil-Free Fryer

While choosing the best oil less turkey fryer it is necessary to pay attention to:

  • Ability to cook multiple dishes. It is better to prefer a fryer that can be used not only to cook a turkey, but also the other types of meat, vegetables, and cakes. In this case, you will be using it more frequently and won’t forget that you have this device at home.
  • Safety. It would be nice if you choose a device that has a function of automatic shut-off because in this case, you will save your hands and other parts of the body from the enormous heat. Also be ready to choose whether it is possible to use the fryer in a building.
  • Glass Lid. A chance to check the process of cooking through the lid is excellent. In this case, the heat won’t escape outside.
  • Size. Choose turkey fryer that is big enough to meet your requirements and expectations. There are fryers that allow cooking several dishes simultaneously and they are not small in size.
  • Type of the Fryer. As you already know, each type of fryer has its own pros and cons. All of them allow preparing tasty dishes.
  • Propane or Electric Turkey Fryer. The difference between them is that propane fryers can’t be used indoors in contrast with electric ones. But, at the same time, propane variant would be excellent for cooking outside.
  • Extra Features. Review all the accessories provided by the manufacturers in a set with a fryer. Usually, if you want to be able to use the device for cooking multiple dishes, you may need the presence of extras.

Why Do You Need a Greaseless Fryer?

You definitely need oil-less fryer because it cooks without fat. And this is a great bonus for those who take care of the figure, health, and attractiveness. With this device, you will need very little time to cook your favorite dish. During the operation of the device, the oil does not splash around, and it's easy to keep it clean. In addition, a greaseless turkey fryer allows preparing different dishes from a variety of foods. It offers maximum preservation of vitamins without harmful emissions. Ready products are less caloric than when cooked in a frying pan. Moreover, there is no need to be present close to the fryer while cooking.

In terms of the money, such oil-free fries cost less than deep fryers, but at the same time, the first ones provide you with healthier food. Oil less turkey fryer reviews prove that you won’t need gallons of oil to cook a tasty and juicy turkey.

Safety of Oil-Free Fryers

Oil-free fryers are really safe to be used. The only thing you need is to follow the recommendations given by the manufacturer. Usually, they are the following:

  • The propane oil-free fryer should be used carefully and outside.
  • Check if it has a stable position.
  • Be ready to be closer to a fryer if you have small children. They should be prevented from the enormous heat.
  • The cord of the electric fryer should be in a safe place.
  • Be attentive while removing the lid because of the high temperature inside the fryer.

Follow that basic advice, and you won’t experience any issues with safety.