Gas grill maintenance

How nice it is to light a fire and fry the meat or fish on the grill! But this pleasure can be spoilt by one fact – the meat sticks to the grill, the browning dish is broken and it does not look as attractive as we would like. Whether you have a gas or charcoal grill it needs to be cleaned after each use to remove from it bacteria and food particles which are adhered to the surface. Here are three easy tips following which you will be able to avoid these problems.

Easy tips

Firstly, the grill must be clean, because the crude products adhere to the bars of the grating.

Secondly, the bars must be lubricated with sunflower oil, then it is easier to remove the cooked meat from the grill.

And finally, before putting the products on the grill, it should be well warmed up.

These three stages of preparation the grill will take no more than three minutes. If you follow these tips, the grill can be left uncleaned after cooking. But most of us simply forget about them or do not have time to do this. As a result, your grill is impossible to look at and you simply do not know what to do. Keep calm! After reading our guide, you will be a real pro in cleaning and storing your grill correctly.

Cleaning of the gas grill

Clean the burner pipe

Before the start of a barbecue season, you need to arrange a thorough cleaning of your grill. When you begin, make sure that the propane cylinder is disconnected.

Remove the grille and briquettes for cooking.

Disconnect the gas pipe and the burner. Clean gas pipes with warm soapy water. Rinse and dry them with a clean towel. Wipe off the burner clean with a damp towel.

Use a dry towel to wipe off the gas exits at each burner. Use a toothpick or bamboo skewer to clean each output thoroughly.

Wash the grill

To do this, you will need vegetable oil, paper towels, cleaning brush and tongs with long handles. Cover all the gas valves in aluminum foil to keep them dry (to prevent rust). Using soapy warm water, wash all internal and external surfaces and dry them with a clean and dry towel. When finished, connect the back burner and gas pipes.

Use a wire brush with a long handle to scrape all the clotted debris.

Burn fat and debris.

Put briquettes, close the lid and heat the grill to a maximum temperature for 15 minutes. It separates all the fat off the grill, so it will be easier to wash.

Let the grill stand up and cool down for 10-15 minutes, then remove the grate and briquettes for cooking. Wash the grille in soapy water using a brush for grilling to remove all adherent fat. Wire sponge may also be used to remove adhering dirt.

Grease a purified grill with vegetable oil. Do this as follows: crumple a paper towel, hold it with tongs. In a small bowl, pour the vegetable oil. Lower a paper towel in a cup, squeeze it with forceps and wait until it is saturated with the contents of the cup. Make sure that the paper is soaked so that the oil does not drip it. If a drop of oil falls on the hot grate, it can catch fire.

Clean the bars with a soaked towel quickly. They immediately begin to shine. Oil on the gridiron serves as a cover and the dish that you want to cook do not stick to the grill.

Maintain regular cleaning mode.

After every use, clean the grate of the grill with a brush. Remove any bits and pieces of food. Pay special attention to the area around the briquettes or lava stones, because the food often falls through the grate. Eliminate all food particles and wipe all with a cloth.

Cover the grill.

Once it has cooled, cover it to protect it from contamination. Special grill cover prevents insects from entering. If you do not know how to choose the correct grill cover, you can read the article about the best grill covers.

If you store the grill outdoors, cover it and simply leave the gas connected.

If you store the grill inside, cover it and turn off the gas cylinder. The cylinder must be stored outside. Keep it in the shade, away from heat, drought and exit the furnace ventilation.

Some more tricks

Once a year, check the lava rocks or briquettes on your gas grill. If they are very parched or grease, replace them. Dirty stones give the food a bad taste when you cook on them.

If your grill is stainless steel, do not use aggressive, abrasive surfaces during cleaning – it will scratch it. Use a mild cleanser designed specifically for stainless steel.

Stainless steel may also lose color due to the heat. This is completely normal and this cannot be avoided, although it can be slightly reduced, without overheating the grill.


What we think

Do not place the part of the electric grill in the oven for self-cleaning, because the materials of the electric grill, most likely, will not withstand this intense heat.

Do not place the grill closer than 4 meters to the house and other flammable materials.

Do not use the grill in a confined space.

Observe the fire safety measures. Do not use gasoline or kerosene to ignite the fire. It is unsuitable substitute liquid to fuel the fire.